Old Grave Fest 2017


Romanian Thrash Metal Club is proud to present

OLD GRAVE FEST 2017, the 6th edition of the only metal festival in Romania organized by a fan club,

for fans, the festival where your money
helps us fund the next edition



Keeping with the tradition of the second weekend of the month, the 6th edition of the Old Grave Fest will take place on October 13th – the fateful Friday the 13th – and 14th 2017, in Club Fabrica, Bucharest.

The first headliner of the fest is a double premiere for Romania – it is both the first time the band will play here, but also the first show on Romanian soil for a representative of an exclusive family of bands that also includes Dissection and Unanimated. A successor of a bloodline dating back to the beginnings of heavy metal, with the rare ability of turning melody into an instrument of evil, the prophet of the third return of the Antichrist, the herald of the extinction of life on earth – a few of the many things one can say about the Swedish quartet NECROPHOBIC. A band with an unique signature in metal, a dense and compact style, definable as an unbreakable alloy of thrash, death and black metal, Necrophobic will showcase, for the first time in Romania, their brand of melodic, yet insidious and edgy metal, that even with the frequent acoustic insertions is still nothing but ferocious, aggresive, malevolent and elegant.




It is with great pleasure that we present you a legendary name from the ranks of the famed New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement: ATOMKRAFT. This marks, as far as we know, the very first time a band belonging to the underground of that creative Big Bang known as NWOBHM is set to play in Romania, which gives us the opportunity to try a short presentation of this genre. Great Britain, end of 70’s – beginning of 80’s. An amazing effervescence encompasses the British musical underground, where literally hundreds of young bands start swarming on the heavy metal’s foundations laid by pioneers such as Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy or Judas Priest a few years before, and build upon them their own style, lively and imbued with the madness of the age, influenced either by punk, doom, hard rock, prog rock or rock’n’roll, but always under the sign of the heavy metal riff & attitude. The movement was named New Wave Of British Heavy Metal and, later on, will directly influence the birth of thrash metal and, indirectly, the creation of the rest of extreme metal subgenres. A few of these bands (Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Venom, Saxon) eventually taste mainstream success but, in time, they also discard most of the NWOBHM elements in their music. Others (Raven, Demon, Girlschool, Blitzkrieg etc) struggle for more than three decades in the underground. But most (Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Satan, Pagan Altar, Hell, Cloven Hoof, Quartz and many more) disappear after a while, some of them being resurrected only in the 2000’s, when the movement is met with renewed public interest. Among these, ATOMKRAFT. Founded by one of the most famous and picturesque characters in British metal underground, Tony „The Demolition Man” Dolan (M-pire Of Evil, Venom Inc.), ATOMKRAFT released the “Future Warriors” full length in 1985. Dwelling in the most harsh and raw region of the movement (often compared with first Venom releases), in places moving towards speed metal, “Future Warriors” is still widely regarded as one of the best NWOBHM albums ever, a compact package of Total Metal, as the band themselves proclaim, in a famous anthem. ATOMKRAFT released two more EPs, Queen of Death (1986, without Dolan) and Conductors of Noize (1987, with Dolan returned for bass guitar duty and vocals provided by Avenger’s Ian Swift), leaning heavily toward speed/thrash, before calling quits in 1988, following Dolan’s recruitment by Venom. Revived in 2005 by the same inexhaustible Demolition Man, ATOMKRAFT will now bring their intense brand of rugged heavy metal to the best Romanian stage suited for such a thing, the Old Grave Fest stage.



The most promising new avatar of German doom, if not of the old continent’s altogether, ANGEL OF DAMNATION made a breakthrough in 2004 with a solid selftitled EP, which was followed, in 2011, with the excelent debut album Carnal Philosophy. Continuously and nonchalantly trespassing the subtle border between traditional and epic doom metal, ANGEL OF DAMNATION decisively ascribe themselves to the great tradition of European doom, treating the primordial Black Sabbath influences with obvious respect, in a seamless blend with later ones traceable to such names as Count Raven or Dawn of Winter. On top of that, the metalic pedigree of members like vocalist Doomcult Messiah (Dawn of Winter, Sacred Steel, Battleroar) or guitarist Avenger (Front Beast, Black Priest of Satan, Nocturnal – some of you surely saw him with Nocturnal at OGF 2013) is a certain guarantee that ANGEL OF DAMNATION will be among the highlights of the 2017 edition.


Crawling out of the sewers of Kill-Town, Denmark, UNDERGANG play regurgitating grotesque Death Metal. Ever since their coffin birth in 2008, through their studio outputs and relentless live performances, the band has been constantly and actively pushing the limits and breaking the boundaries of their monstrous and skull-crushingly brutal sound. After the release of the both figuratively and literally mindblowing recent latest LP “Døden Læger Alle Sår” and extensively touring through US and European soil, UNDERGANG will infect the stage of Old Grave Fest for the first time with their old styled, extremely heavy and unmistakably disgusting Death Metal as the air will be drowned in murky humid stench and your guts will melt away into slime. Bring your vomit bags and step forward in this sinister swamp of rotten decay!


Now is also the time to introduce you to the first German contribution (it won’t be the last, though) to our 2017 bill, in the shape of exciting young hopeful BLACKEVIL, from Bavaria. While largely included into the whole blackened thrash revival movement, BLACKEVIL spice up their act with enough good old Teutonic speed parts (think early Helloween/Rage) and classic Iron Maiden harmonies to ensure you’ll all end up fisting the air in Fabrica club for evil heavy metal glory. Don’t take our word for it, instead check out their awesome “Hail the cult” EP.


Another young talent comes from Scotland and, from what we can hear, if Motörhead would have ever been interested in playing some gritty black/thrash metal, they probably would have come up with something similar to HELLRIPPER. And, if their multitude of Splits and EPs released in 2015 is anything to go by, their debut album, scheduled for early 2017, might well establish HELLRIPPER as a force to be reckoned with, both in and outside the UK scene.


You can never have enough of a bad thing, so two more evil entities have crawled upon the OGF VI poster: KROSSBURST, an Italo-Norwegian combo that boasts of playng nothing less than a brand of desperate speed metal and that promises to release soon a much awaited debut album to follow a demo that made its appearance in Fenriz’s charts, and SARINVOMIT, the blackthrash goathorned panzer from Turkey, having the rare ability of combining blasphemy and chemistry.








This will surely not be the final surprise on our bill, we can promise that, and you can expect us to cross more stylistical borders, but until then, we wish you a bountiful fall.

We will be back shortly with info about tickets.