Deathhammer (NOR), Axecutor (BG), Damage Case (RO), live in Bucharest (RO), 16.01.2015


EXCLUSIVE ONE-OFF PERFORMANCE! Face melting hyperfast thrash metal, total neck destruction!


DEATHHAMMER rose from the spawn of the ancient metal gods in 2005. They were doomed to spread total metal destruction. In their own words: “We are Deathhammer from the filthy backwaters of Norway. Deathhammer brings you old school deathrash in its purest form.”

After playing North America, Singapore, Dubai and a large range of cities all over Europe, Deathhammer will finally make it to Romania for the great pleasure of those who like their metal fast and their beer cold. With their new album (Evil Power) soon out, they will show no mercy and take no prisoners.

Since Sergeant Salsten (vocals, guitars, bass) is moving to Tasmania in February and probably won’t come back in a year or two, this will most presumably be the last Deathhammer gig (outside Norway) on European soil in a long time so you better be there, total mayhem awaits! Don’t miss them in this EXCLUSIVE Eastern European date!
Leave your liver at home and join the madness! Expect dirty riffs, Satan & a painful death.

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Well-known to the Romanian public, AXECUTOR is a Speed/Thrash metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria. Formed in the early 2010, the band has shared stage with Legendary Australian thrash metal band Hobbs Angel Of Death, Turbocharged and many more. Moreover, with the release of their “Aggressive Extermination EP” this summer, paying homage to the olde Teutonic masters, be sure that the Axecutors will deliver a sick, furious dose of evil, raw, headbanging old-school thrash.

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Local heroes, DAMAGE CASE, will once more prove their position as one of the best Romanian thrash acts of current times. After a sturdy, well-deserved ascension in the scene and numerous shows in Bucharest, where we can add their participation as the only Romanian band in this year’s Romanian Thrash Metal Festival and their recent win of a band contest, make sure that the guys are going to rape your ears with their booze & rock ‘n’ roll sonic quake.

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Location: Question Mark Club, “Calea Victoriei” St, No 48-50, Bucharest, Romania
Hour: 8:00 PM
Limited to 150 tickets (@ the club)
Support : 25 RON
Powered by : Bloodlust Booking & Question Mark
Fully supported and recomended by Romanian Thrash Metal Club
Afterparty w/ Kyprulez Cip & Florescu Paul Lucian

*The support represents a voluntary donation of the attending physical persons and is destinated solely and exclusively to the performing artists
*Fans coming from other countries, don’t worry! We can make reservations for you in order to make things run smoother and ensure you a place at the event. Just send in the details

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