old-grave-fest-2015-destroyer-666-live-romaniaAustralian blackthrashing legends DESTRÖYER 666 are joining the Old Grave Fest IV, in one of their few select appearances across Europe in 2015. Italy’s rabid thrashers VIOLENTOR and Sweden’s infamous punk/thrash/death combo TURBOCHARGED return to Bucharest as well, while Chile’s black metalers SLAUGHTBBATH make their first ever appearance on a Romanian stage.

Founded back in the early 90’s, DESTRÖYER 666 are arguably Australia’s finest metal export. The band spans a career of more than two decades, that has seen them releasing 4 full-lengths, 3 singles and 3 EPs, on their way to becoming one of the most prominent extreme metal acts in the world. What makes DESTRÖYER 666 unique and different from their peers in the blackened thrash scene is the versatility of their approach. Their always reliable mixture of angry Teutonic thrash and cold Norse black is often spiced up with speed/heavy metal riffs, with haunting melodic leads or with doom laden atmosphere, as the case may be. And all these diverse elements are effortless integrated into a unitary work, giving birth to masterpieces such as “Cold steel… for an iron age (2002)” or “Phoenix Rising (2000)”. The band’s famed guitar work can be meandering or straightforward, energetic or pensive, within the same album or even the same song, but it always radiates elegance and always commands attention. As do the evil  vocals of K.K. Warslut, one of the most underrated extreme metal vocalists, and definitely one of the most intense presences onstage, as surely everybody in the audience of OGF 2015 will have the chance to discover.

VIOLENTOR, considered by many the revelation of our very first edition, back in 2012, return with their explosive brand of thrash metal, mixed up with punk and heavy metal elements. With two excellent full-lengths under their belt, and a new one in recording, VIOLENTOR is slowly but surely becoming a force to be reckoned with in the European metal underground.

Alongside the Italians, another old acquaintance that those who attended their Bucharest show in early 2014 will rejoice to reencounter is TURBOCHARGED. Led by Mister Ronnie Ripper of Vomitory and Gehennah fame, the blasphemous  Swedes are sure to set the stage ablaze with their highly flammable mixture of crust, death and thrash metal.

As always, we need some South-American raw power and this time it’s Chile’s turn to send us their demons:  SLAUGHTBBATH, a band that, in over 10 years of activity, has expertly mastered the savage, muscular approach to black metal that Latin America is famous for.

Following these additions, the lineup so far looks like this: Deströyer 666 (Australia), Dead Congregation (Greece), Obliteration (Norway), Nekromantheon (Norway), Violentor (Italy), Turbocharged (Sweden), Pyre (Russia) and Slaughtbbath (Chile). More bands TBA!

OLD GRAVE FEST  (Romanian Thrash Metal Fest IV) will take place in Club Fabrica (Bucharest) in October on the 9th and 10th 2015. Limited tickets (first 100 units) are already available for only 90 lei, online at and The hard tickets will also be available, in UMAN shops, MUZICA store, Perfect Tour shops, in Private Hell bar (Bucuresti, str. Soarelui no. 5), in Perdido Station bar (Craiova, str. Petre Carp no.  27) or via Titus Constantinescu (Bucuresti), starting with February 23rd.
Old Grave Fest 2015 4th edition, supported by Romanian Thrash Metal Club, is the only metal festival in Romania organized by a fan club, for fans.