Old School Terror vol.5, Metal Gathering @ Albion Territory Club, Friday, October 3rd, 2014, Chisinau (MD)

Inkaholic Tattoo & Piercing Studio in collaboration with RTMC is proud to announce a hellish kick off of the season with OLD SCHOOL TERROR, VOL 5, METAL GATHERING … AT ALBION TERRITORY CLUB, FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd 2014!!

Old School Terror vol.5 Metal Gathering Albion Territory ClubThis will be a very special edition in support to the Romanian Thrash metal club (RTMC), for their upcomming brain crushing festival OLD GRAVE FEST, that will take place in Bucharest on the 10th and 11th OCTOBER at FABRICA and B52 !!! Nothing better for a good WARM UP PARTY in Chisnau, with the best tunes from the 80’s / mid 90’s (Speed / Thrash / Black / Death / Punk / Grind ), and offcourse songs from all the mighty bands that will perform at Old grave Fest …. Be There, support true Metal and your local scene !!! EXTRA CHEAP DRINKS AS USUAL !

It is also the chance for you to win a FREE TICKET for the OLD GRAVE FEST, one headbanger will be picked, after a raffle. Tickets for the festivals will also be available during the night.

Entrance is 20 MDL

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